For next year we have invited other universities to join us in the design and construct of new ice projects. Among others we will try to realize a world record ice bridge based on the 1502 design by Leonardo da Vinci and a thin shell ice structure based on the 1958 Restaurant Los Manantiales by Felix Candela in Mexico.


Leonardo da Vinci designed a stone bridge in 1502 for Istanbul with a span of 240 meter (790ft). In 2001 a pedestrian bridge in wood based on Leonardo’s design has been built in Norway, as well as some small ice bridges (see www.leonardobridgeproject.org). In the winter of 2016 a scale model of this bridge with a span of 50 meters will be created in ice in Finland. It will be the biggest single-span structure in ice ever realized.


The bridge will be part of an ice track that leads to the “Ice Arena”. The ice arena is located in an old stone quarry of the Tulikivi Stove factory. Several universities, companies and volunteers will work together to realize the ice track. The track will start close to the Juuka Stone Center (museum) where a model will be shown of a thin shell structure in ice. The thin shell is based on the 1958 Restaurant Los Manantiales by Felix Candela in Mexico. Other pavilions might be added to the ice track into the quarry.


In 2014 the largest ice dome with a span of 30 meters was realized in Juuka, Finland. Last winter a project team built the Sagrada Familia in Ice with a height of 21 meters, the highest ice dome ever. The projects had over 10,000 visitors and received international attention in newspapers and on the radio and television. The 50 meter ice bridge is the next challenge for a new project team.


The ice arena and ice track, Leonardo Bridge and Candela pavilion will be designed and constructed by the following universities*:

• Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e): Patrick Teuffel, Arno Pronk, Arjan Habraken, Erik Vastert, also Thijs Nieuwenhof, Roel Koekkoek and other               students.

• TU-Delft, Andrew Borgart, Peter van Eigenraam and students

• University of Twente, Fred Sanders and students

• Fontys University of applied sciences, Simone van der Velde

• KU Leuven: Arno Pronk, Dirk Huylebrouck and students

• University of Gent: Jan Belis and students

• University of Bath: John Orr, Tim Ibell and students

• University of Edinburgh: Remo Pedreschi and students

• Aalto University: Juha Paavola, Lauri Salokangas and students

• Karelia University of applied sciences, Raimo Moilanen and students

• RusHydro , The B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG, Inc., St Petersburg, Russia, Nicolai Vasiliev and students


* Other universities are welcome to participate.


Roel Koekkoek and Thijs van de Nieuwenhof are master students Built Environment at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In September 2014 they contributed together with 10 other students to the core team realizing the Sagrada Familia in Ice. Roel was responsible particularly for the design of the entrance. By hanging wide sheets to the towers and freezing them, a thin ice structure should appear. The experiments with freezing sheets and cloths were promising but unfortunate not realized in the final project. Thijs was involved with the design and construction of the inflatable moulds and their rope structures. Both items gained new insights for new research and projects. Roel and Thijs will be the new foreman for the ice projects next winter, this project will be the main objective of their master thesis.


After two successful projects the ice track with the 50-meter ice bridge and Candela pavilion is the next challenge for a new project team. We are looking forward to the international collaboration and like to thank in advance the community in Juuka, North Karelia and entrepreneurs for their support and for giving us this great opportunity.


You can follow our progress on www.structuralice.com and facebook.com/bridgeinice .


See you next year!

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